Difference between Dim sum and Momo

Oftenly we use Momo and Dim Sums interchangeably without really knowing the difference between the two. For instance, in India momos are being the hot rising street side snacks getting attention from every section of society.But due to the popularity of Momos on a regional level, it is masking the identity of Dim Sums all over the places.

But in reality, All Momos are Dim Sums but not all Dim sums are Momos.

Dim Sum (ImgSource)

Dim sum has originated from China while Momo is its tibetan counterpart. In china, you can find people enjoying their tea with small sized dim sums as snacks with it. The literal meaning of Dim sum in Chinese is "touch of heart". There are over thousand varieties of  Dim sums prepared across the world. Even spring rolls are one of its variety. Unlike Momos, Dim sum is usually served without any spicy sauce/chutney.

Momos (ImgSource)

Momos on the other hand are considered as unofficial Tibet's national food. It is more like a variety or sub section of Dim sums, served with hot spicy chili sauce. Its main ingredient is white flour but it's not in case of Dim sum, you can use any kind of starch while preparing Dim sums.

While Momos are quite famous as street side food, same can't be said for Dim sums. Also, they both differ in sizes. Authentic Momos are more larger in size as compare to Dim sums when prepared traditionally.