Insane Facts about North Korea

A Government right out from G.Orwell's 1984 pages, may seem dystopian world existing only in fiction. But what if, I tell you there exist a country which resembles the horrific Big Brother in real life. North Korea, a small nation in East Asia ruled by dictator Kim Jong Un is a place where glimpse of a dystopian world can be seen.


Unbelievable Facts about North Korea

  1. North Korea has democracy but only one person to choose. Country holds elections after every five years but there is only one option on ballot paper to choose.
  2. Three Generation of punishment rule, there are some crimes in North Korea which can award your whole family a rigorous prison terms. Right from your parents to your children.
  3. According to Dictator's Biography, the leader never used a toilet. He apparently didn’t need to urinate or defecate. Oh and to add to the supernatural abilities, he could control the weather too.
  4. Students in North Korea are required to pay for chairs they sit on, the desks they use.
  5.  North Koreans must abide by one of 28 approved haircuts. Unmarried women must have short hair, but married woman have many more options. The hair of young men should be less than 2 inches long, older men can go as long as 2¾ inches.
  6. When former leader Kim Jong Il died, those who didn’t go to the mourning events were reportedly being sentenced to labour camps for six months.
  7. When an assistant chief of the Ministry of the People’s Armed Forces attended his father’s mourning drunk, he was punished by mortar. He reportedly ordered his execution by saying, “no trace of him down to his hair” should remain.
  8. All legal televisions are tuned to state-controlled domestic programming. The Internet does not exist other than a closed domestic network. Few North Koreans know anything about world events apart from how they are described by North Korean state propaganda.
  9. North Korea has a network of informants who monitor and report to the authorities fellow citizens they suspect of criminal or subversive behavior. Unauthorized access to non-state radio or TV broadcasts is severely punished.
  10. Although Kim Jong Un just got a haircut, his previous hairstyle is extremely popular and is known as the “youth” or the “ambition.” Amazingly, he cut his own hair due to a fear of barbers.
  11. Pot is legal in North Korea but Blue denim jeans is not.
  12. There's only three tv channels in North Korea. And two of them are available on weekends only. Moreover common public can not use internet.
  13. People have to work 6 days a week and one day of voluntary service for the state.