The World’s oldest ‘Yo Mama’ joke

In 1976, J.J Van Dijk (an archeologist) found an ancient babylonian tablet dating to around 1500 BCE that was inscribed with several riddles. Unfortunately the first half part of the ‘Yo Mama’ joke was not included on the tablet but the punchline was.

The riddle that has most captured the imagination is cryptic, but unquestionably involves something sassy being said about somebody's mother:
         “...of your mother is by the one who has intercourse with her. What/who is it?”

That's not the end of the funnies, folks. This one could also benefit from cranking up the laugh track:
“In your mouth and your teeth, constantly stared at you, the measuring vessel of your lord. What is it?
So there you have it: an ancient beer joke. (At least, a riddle referring to its taste, the authors say.)
Perhaps something has been lost in the translation through all those many centuries. And since they were meant as riddles designed to communicate truths about life - "wisdom literature," as the authors call it -- perhaps gut-splitting hilarity was not the point.