Top 5 Facts About Golden Tigers

golden tiger,strawberry tiger

Golden Tigers which are also famously known as Strawberry Tigers are simply the same genetic species of Bengal Tiger but with different version of colour just like White Tiger.


Source :Taildom

• India, home of largest population of wild tigers has records of wild Golden tigers which dates as far back as the early 1900s.

• Only 30 of these majestic Golden tigers are left today and they all live in captivity. The last known wild golden tigers were shot outside of Mysore province,India in the early 20th centuary.

• No offical name has been designated to this particular colour these tigers. Though they are famously called as Strawberry Tiger just due to their strawberry blonde coloration. 

• Golden tigers are larger and also have softer fur than their orange relatives.

• Serenity Springs Wildlife Center in Calhan, Colorado owns a young golden tabby tiger named "Khaleesi."


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