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Can you solve this viral riddle? Voce Consegue resolver?

Wanna try it for yourself? Here are some tips which will help you…

Hexagon + Hexagaon + Hexagon = 45
Bananas + Bananas + Hexagon = 23
Bananas + Clock + Clock = 10
Clock + Bananas + Bananas x Hexagon = ??
Think Logically and try to find the value!
Tips :
1. Look closely at the clock.
2. Number of Bananas.
3. Some thing regarding the sides of the Shapes figure.
Hint: Look Closely at the picture and try to logically relate the values for each item.
Too tough? Check below

Solution Voce Consegue resolver

First, it is important to notice the shapes in the final line are different from the shapes in the previous lines. The clock shows 2 o’clock instead of 3 o’clock; there are 3 bananas in the bunch versus 4 bananas in a bunch, and the shape has 11 edges (it’s missing the square) compared to the shape with 15 edges.

First, let us solve for the value of the edges in the shape. We know 3 of the shapes equal 45, so a single shape equals 15. But each of the shapes consists of a hexagon (6 edges), Pentagon (5 edges), and a square (4 edges). Altogether that is 15 edges equal to 15, so a single edge equals 1.

Now we solve for the value of a banana. We know 2 bunches of 4 plus the shape (equal to 15) equals 23. This means 2 bunches of 4 bananas equals 8. Hence a bunch of 4 bananas equals 4, so a single banana equals 1.

We now have a bunch of 4 bananas (equal to 4) plus 2 clocks that show 3 o’clock equal to 10. This means 2 clocks showing 3 o’clock equal 6, so a single clock at 3 o’clock equals 3. Hence each hour of time equals 1.

We can now solve for the value of the final expression of this viral riddle. The clock shows 2 o’clock, so that value is 2. Then there are 3 bananas to each bunch. Finally, the shape has 11 edges (it’s missing the square), so its value is 11.

We need to evaluate:

2 + 3 + 3 × 11

The last thing to remember is the order of operations. The multiplication takes precedence and is evaluated first to be 33. So we have:

2 + 3 + 3 × 11
= 2 + 3 + 33

= 38

Source: Sarcasm.com