iPhone X Price in India

Much awaited iPhone X launched this friday in India with starting price tag of whooping 90,000 Rs for the base model of 64 GB variant. If you want to buy the 256 GB variant then you need to spend 1,02,000 Rs. iPhone X is the costliest smartphone right now in India. Whereas you can buy Google's Pixel 2 for 73,000 Rs and Samsung's Note 8 for 66,000 Rs only.

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Why iPhone X is so expensive in India?

This iPhone X is the costliest smartphone right now in India and it has its reasons too. Firstly, there are going to be less number of iPhone X produced as compared to previous version of iPhones,this is because iPhone doesn't produce iPhone X's  OLED screen itself. Apple has a contract with Samsung ,who has the monopoly on OLED screens in the world right now. So Apple has to buy OLED screens from Samsung for it's iPhone X. This not just only hike up iPhone's price but also limits Apple to produce more iPhone X.

Secondly, Apple doesn't want to exhaust its limited produce iPhone X on a less profit generating market like India. So to provide iPhone X globally and to those countries where it makes huge profits, Apple has to make price higher so that it could retain the limited iPhone X and also could generate profit with lesser number of units sold.