Named after a Norse mythological city, Asgard (often recalled as Thor's homeland in marvel cinematic universe), the city is founded by Russian scientist Ashurbeyli as the world's first independent nation to operate in outer space in November 2016.

The Asgardia team has a vision to create low-earth orbiting habitats which will be over 100-200 miles from space near to ISS(International Space Station). One of its ambitious plan is to gain the UN membership before its first human settlement.

Within 40 hours of it announcement in 2016 , over One lakh people has registered for its citizenship on Asgardia's website and gathered over Five lakhs application in a week. Anyone over 18 years old regardless of gender, nationality, religion, financial status can apply for it with an email address.

However, today, there are only over one lakh Asgardian left after agreeing to the finalized constitution adopted by the company.

Meanwhile , In November 2017 the team has laid the foundation for the nation by launching Asgardia-1 satellite ,the nano-sat containing 0.5 TB of data belonging to its citizen such as family photographs, constitution, digital nation's flag and other representations.

Imagine the wonders the Asgardia team will create in near future with its own embassy and beauty to see the universe from the whole new perspective.