Geminids meteor shower to dazzle the skies

The geminids meteor shower is one of the spectacular meteor shower in the southern hemisphere and it is upon us once again at this stargazing end of the year 2017. It can be seen every year between 4th and 26th December and is named after constellation in the sky, Gemini ,as it seems to emerge from this constellation every year. This year it would be the most anticipated celestial event so far.

On an average , there is possibility to see one to two meteors every minutes, according to society for popular astronomy. we are expecting a dazzling average of 60 meteors per hour as the meteor shower peaks between 13th and 16th December in the night. The best time to witness the show would be between 3:30 and 4:30 in the morning when the meteor is higher above the horizon.And if you have the telescope privilege you can clearly see the dust and rocky object responsible for show.

It can be seen from every country in the world and can be easily visible with the naked eyes in the night with clear skies.  Go on a stargazing date in the upcoming nights!