Here is a new iPhone. We buy. We discard. We buy again. In recent years, we have been doing it faster.

All thanks to Apple who is taking advantage of you. Apple has a history of over pricing its product much greater than standard technology just because they have its name. Increasing prices of newer model in comparison to its last flagship model makes the old one obsolete just after its launch and this makes one's think it is the best in class. It is one of the dirty tactics played by Apple from a long time. Apple knows its huge fan-base and it leaves no stone unturned to elicit as much money as possible. 

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One such dirty tactic played by Apple has recently shaken-ed the whole tech community. Apple has admitted that it has been deliberately slowing down the performance of older models in iPhone from time to time and overshadowed this act by giving a reason that this is to avoid shutting down of older models from ageing battery in older models. whether this is true or assertion, but it affects a lot of iPhone users worldwide. This came after when a customer sued the Apple when he figured out that his older model iPhone performance peaked just after changing its battery. Apple explained this effect by asserting that new updates come with higher energy or current demands from battery, so older batteries tend to regular shutdowns unable to fulfill higher software demands and this also lead to slower CPU's performance and speed in older version forcing the user to upgrade to latest iPhone. Apple too has revealed that performance decreases after an update in older models. Changing batteries is the only solution notified by the Apple to regular shutdown issues even after latest updates. This is the main reason why batteries market are boosting now a days and Apple charges a unworthy sum in this again.

This can be a legitimate but releasing an update for older models knowing the newer software will certainly mess up the hardware is completely unethical. This is the reason why many lawsuits were filed against the Apple corporation claiming "fraudulently forcing the customers to get the latest models".