Interesting facts about Bipolar Disorder

What day to day stressful life is making us is more paranoid. For people under tension or stress, their day to day work seems unbearable which result in both physical and mental instability. One such mental health disorder is Bipolar disorder. "You just had a break-up or going through ups and downs in life every now and then". Unlike the normal populations, individuals with bipolar disorder tends to go through extreme mood swings that causes disruption in their daily lives. 

Bipolar Disorder or maniac depression is mental health condition which causes extreme mood swings from emotional high at one moment to low at another. When you feel emotional high or hyper active maniac, you feel more euphoric, full of energy or irritable, this looks clumsy but can effect your sleep, energy, concentration and behavior. And when you feel emotionally low or depressed you may feel sad, hopeless and lack of interest in every activity. 

BIPOLAR DISORDER IS INCURABLE - This psychiatric disorder is somewhat incurable when it origins from genetic behavior of body. But can be manageable by proper medication and treatment. 
Sign of this disorder indicates maladjustment in the lifestyle.

ONE IN EVERY THREE SUFFERS FROM THIS DISORDER - one in three person almost experience this disorder once in his lifetime. The real problem starts when this disorder become frequent and incurable with own efforts.

MEDICATION AND PSYCHOTHERAPY ARE THE ONLY TREATMENT - Mood stabilizer, anti depressant are the common pills used in its medication. Family focused therapies are prescribed which requires involvement of every single person in your life to treat the person with bipolar with care and positive vibes. Therefore it is important to share your bipolar condition with the friends and family to recover early.

BIPOLAR RUNS IN YOUR FAMILY - Genetic plays a vital role accounting about 60 -70 % risks for developing the disorder. Person in early twenties tends to experience this disorder first. As genes plays a great role in designing neural networks in the body which can be the root cause of the disorder. These neural network goes haywire during the phase.

DOCTORS ARE STILL STRUGGLING DEFINE ITS ROOT CAUSE - Doctors do not completely understand its cause but they successfully gained the knowledge of bipolar spectrum occurs in the brain during highs and lows of disorder. But the neural treatment or surgery thus prescribed by the doctors is still a skeptical process as it compromise with the creative mind of the patient. 

BIPOLAR RESULTS IN  9 YEARS REDUCTION IN ONE'S LIFE SPAN - and one in five patients attempts suicide . Therefore it is our sole responsibility to spread awareness about this disorder.

The worst side of bipolar is the shame and the sense of failure.

It is not a communicable disease so as to neglect the individual with the bipolar. People somewhat feel ashamed of diagnosing the mental health but, acceptance is the first step towards treating the disorder. First rule of raising awareness is talking about it. The more open and honest we are , the better the well-being of our family and friends.