Interesting facts about net neutrality

"Imagine every thing on the internet with the above frustrating loading screen", this will be the future of the internet if the Net Neutrality is completely vanished from our laws.

Net Neutrality is the basic law that prohibit the internet service providers like AT&T , verizon and Comcast from manipulating the speed, access or blocking any content, applications and website you want to use. It preserves our Right to communicate freely online. It means no one can interfere with the content on the internet. Without it internet would be something else!

Without net neutrality, internet will be devastating. This would lead to :

SERVICE PROVIDERS SLOWING DOWN OR BLOCKING  THE CONTENT FOR PROFIT - Companies like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast will decide the content which will succeed. They will slow down or block the competitor content which will be against free or open market. They will seed the content who agrees to pay them and will slow down the others content or free internet. There would be a huge possibility for monopoly in the market. It will make the world market less liberal.

SUPPRESS THE SOCIAL ACTIVITIES - Now, the open internet can help to share the stories and start a movement against any injustice in the society. Net neutrality do not allow the ISP's to block these social media. But without it any political identity can be able to manipulate the minority or class of person, disabling them to share their thoughts and political movement. This might be the reason why congress party is in talks to gut the net neutrality these days. It is simply against the idea of democracy!

ADVANTAGES FOR BIG COMPANIES - It will lead to loss of opportunities for small firms or companies who rely on free or open internet for their development. Big companies with large capitals will be able to manipulate the market easily and will throw away any competing or deserving firm.
It will be against the common man in the world. It will lead to lesser choices for the needs of the poor and will hugely profit the bigger companies.

INTERNET WILL ONLY BECOME A COMMODITY - which will only fill the pockets of the FEDERAL COMMUNICATION COMMISSION's members, bigger firms and political parties in the ruling position. That is why this proposal has been put on the table to dismantle the net neutrality's rules. And this will largely affect the lives of every person on the earth from students to hard working citizens.

Congress has all the power to reverse the FCC's vote. So every internet user should urge the lawmakers to overturn this decision. 

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