Top 10 Most Interesting facts about Ashoka

Top 10 Most Interesting facts about Ashoka

1. According to Ceylonese Chronicles Ashoka killed his 99 brothers to get the throne. Leaving only one of his trusted brother.

2. Asoka was described as Devanampiyasa in Inscriptions. Devanampiya means dear of God's.

3. People weren't aware of the Buddha's image at the time when Ashoka embraced the Buddhism, that is the reason why no sculpture of his time contains Buddha's Image.

4. Kunala  wasn't blinded son of Ashoka as many stories tell.

5. Before embracing Buddhism, Ashoka was known as the most cruel king. He had a chamber of torture termed as " Hell on earth".

6.  A common torture in "Hell on earth" was to pry open victims mouths with an iron and pouring boiling copper down to their throats.

7. Ashoka destroyed and plundered all temples belonging to Brahims and their guru kuls also.

8. Before receiving his title as "Samrat Ashoka" he was known as "Chanda Ashoka" which means cruel Ashoka.

9. There are no clear cut evidence of Ashoka having association with Chanakya.

10. Ashoka was sent to exile for 2 years by his father Bindusara.