Top 10 Most Interesting Unknown Facts about Japan

Top 10 Most Interesting Unknown Facts about Japan

1. Japan has a sociological phenomena known as "Hikikomori", in which there's an estimated 1 million Japanese who choose to completely isolate themselves from society by rarely or never leaving their homes.

2. In Japan, '39' is common text speak for 'thank you', due to how 3 (san) and 9 (kyu) sound when spoken out loud.

3. Traditional Japanese calendars have 24 15-day seasons split into 72 five-day microseasons. Right now is "Farmers drain fields," followed by "Wild geese return" and "Chrysanthemums bloom." 

4. In Japan, death by overwork is so common that they have a word for it, "Karoshi". Some examples of karoshi are: working 110 hours a week, working 3000 hours a year with no days off in 15 years, working 4320 hours a year, and working 34 hour shifts five times a month.

5. Kyoto, the former capital of Japan, just means "capital city" and Tokyo means "eastern capital"

6. In Japan, Hiroshima Peace Flame has been burned continuously since it was lit in 1964, and will remain lit until all nuclear bombs on the planet are destroyed and the planet is free from the threat of nuclear annihilation.

7. The first time the Japanese people heard the Emperors voice on radio was when he announced Japan's surrender in WWII.

8. Japan has a legend that Jesus did not die on the cross, but traded places with someone else. He ran from the authorities and fled to Japan. Upon arrival, Jesus raised a family and earned the reputation as a “long-nosed goblin.”

9. In Japan, their phone's camera shutter sound cannot be muted.

10. There is a “white man” cafĂ© in Tokyo, where Japanese ladies ring a bell to summon tuxedo-wearing caucasians who respond with “yes, princess?” and serve them cake.