Top 10 Facts about Norway.

9 out of 10 norwegian read atleast one book every year (not textbooks) . Women are the most well-read,97% of them read book regularly. No wonder they top human development index every year.

HYDROELECTRIC POWER - Around 98-99% of Norway's electricity comes from hydro electric power stations. It is the heavy producer of renewable energy beacuse of its hydropower.

INCOME AND WEALTH ARE PUBLIC RECORD - No one can disguise their earnings , as every citizen's earnings is made available for everyone else in country. It means anyone can snoop another's -it can be your neighbour or your colleague.

NORWAY NATIONAL DRINKThe Norwegian national drink is a spirit called akevitt or aquavit. It’s a strong beverage (up to 60% alcohol) that’s made from potatoes and flavored with caraway, sometimes dill, orange peel, cumin and other spices.

ILLEGAL TO DIE OR SUICIDE - The administration has refused to bury any dead body for nearly 80 years .the reason is that it is just too cold and body dont decompose in the permafrost.

NORWAY KNIGHTED A PENGUIN Sir Nils, a penguin was knighted in 2008, this is because the penguin is the mascot of the guard. He was made a corporal in 1982, a sergeant in 1987, a regimental sergeant Major in 1993, honorable regimental sergeant major in 2001 and colonel-in-chief in 2005. 

FIRST COUNTRY TO INTRODUCE COMPLSARY PATERNITY LEAVE - To encourage more men to share a great deal of responsibility in care-giving at home and society. The norway's authority has introduced 14 weeks paternal leave for fathers.

LONGEST ROAD TUNNELThe Lærdal Tunnel (Norwegian: Lærdalstunnelen) is a 24.51 Km (15.23 mi) long road tunnel. There are emergency phones marked SOS every 250 metres as the tunnel doesnot have emergency exits during the 20 minute drive through the tunnel.

TOPPED THE HUMAN DEVELOPMENT INDEX - 9 out of 11 times during 2001 to 2011, Norway has topped the index while claiming second position in the other 2 years.

WORLD FIRST FLOATING UNDERWATER TUNNEL -  Already having one of the deepest tunnel of the world, the Norway Administration has proposed the world's first floating underwater tunnel with a whooping 25$B budget that would enable vehicles to travel under the norwegian sea.

There is no doubt the fact that Norway is one of the safest, most peaceful and richest countries in the world , and is ranked the happiest country in the world, according to World Happiness Record 2017, which ranked 155 countreis by their happiness levels.