10 Mind Blowing facts that everyone should know

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Top 10 Mind Blowing Facts

 1. Peeling scotch tape in vacuum produces radiation powerful enough to x-ray the human body.

2. The three gorge dam in China is so massive that it has slowed the rotation of Earth by few microseconds.

3. Hubble telescope of NASA, works on less power than a kitchen kettle.

4. A Black-lace weaver spider mother drums on her web to call her babies to come and eat her alive.

5. If you fold a paper in half 103 times it will get as thick as the universe.

6. 80% of the males born in the Soviet Union in 1923 didn't survive World War 2.

7. Teddy bears have killed more children than real bears.

8. Disney World is actually larger than 17 countries.

9. You can remove blood stains on clothes with Coca Cola.

10. There are only 22 countries in the world who have never been invaded , directly or indirectly, by The Great Britain.