Top 10 Interesting Facts About Dogs

Interesting Dogs Facts

Most Amazing Facts About Dogs


  1. Humans bred Williams Syndrome into Dogs, when we domesticated wolves. This is characterized by their tendency to love everyone.
  2. Dogs have the ability to pick up changes in your scent, this help them figure out how you are feeling.
  3. Due to long relationship between humans and dogs, dogs have evolved to understand human laughter.
  4. Originally Dogs were listed as not self aware animals because of failure in "Mirror Test". But since dogs are not visually oriented , a new test "sniff test" was developed, and it shows significant evidence of self awareness in dogs.
  5. Several studies have shown that dogs can learn up to 200 human words and they can have intellect equivalent of 3 year old human babies.
  6. Average life span of dogs is around 10-13 years. The longest living Dog breed is New Guinea singing dog which lives up to 18 years.
  7. English Bulldogs, ChowChow and Samoyed are some of the most expensive dog breeds. They can cost you around $6000 to $10,000.
  8. They can see in dark due to the presence of special membrane in their eyes called Tapetum Lucidum.
  9. Dogs can hear better than humans because they have twice as many ear muscles than us.
  10. Greyhound dogs are the fastest dog breed. They can run at a speed of 45 MPH.

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